Need An Argumentative Essay On The Topic Is The Life On Mars But You Have To Rea

Need an argumentative essay on The topic is (The Life on Mars) but you have to read what in the file to write about it. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It is void of rainfalls so water is a precious commodity on the planet. The atmospheric conditions on the planet are very light. People have not developed the lungs abnormally. That’s why they do not need a lot of oxygen to breathe (Kennon chapter 2).

As the water on the planet is scarce, so the waterways have been built with comparatively new methods so that the vegetables and crops be irrigated and the water needs of the whole population could be fulfilled. Double waterways parallel to each other have been created in an order if the landslides destruct one canal system, the people do not face water scarcity. Great reservoirs have been constructed in order to fill with water when seasonal thaw happens on the poles. To save water from wasting, these reservoirs have proved very handy for the Martians (Kennon chapter 3).

Life on Mars seems very pleasant and peaceful. No conflicts occur on the property at all amongst people as they know the whole property belongs to the God, who created the land for its creature to live peacefully. People do not store money other than their needs because it is believed that it leads to selfishness which is sinful and creates greed and ultimately leads to disharmony in the people. The Martians believe that the money is an abstraction. What is left behind is the knowledge of God that an individual will have. So, this conception makes life easy and peaceful for the Martians (Kennon chapter 5).

Trade and barter system do not exist on Mars. Although different products are manufactured in the centralized industries like clothes, food stuff etc. but as Martians are very cooperative and grudge free, all the production is done on the basis of necessities of the individuals. People work in the industries in order to fulfill every individual’s needs not for the sake of profit which is thoroughly materialistic. There is no competition as there exists no law of supply and demand. There are some big depots and

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