Need An Argumentative Essay On The Use Of Statistical Operations To Reduce The P

Need an argumentative essay on The use of statistical operations to reduce the proportion of customer complaints in the agency selling cars (x) in Saudi Arabia. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, complaints should be minimized by ensuring the clients get quality services which meet their needs. According to DDDDDD, customer complaints should not be minimized by discouraging customers from complaining, rather it should be minimized by addressing the issues that give rise to customer complaints. Typically, such issues are numerous and not all can be eliminated. However, they should be minimized. Additionally, where resources are constrained, it is important to identify the vital issues which need to be prioritized.

Saudi Arabian car is unsurprisingly the largest in the Middle East and by far, the most promising. This perhaps explains why manufacturers have placed much investment and hope in this area. In 2013, the car sales hit 570,000 marking a 10% increase from 2012. a trend likely to continue in 2014. The market’s importance was further emphasized in the Saudi International Motor Show in Jeddah highlighting the sharp competition arising from convergence of leading brands and new comers. This places greater emphasis on understanding the reasons behind customer complaints and further sieving into the important reasons which should be accorded greater importance by car sale agents. Understanding customer complaints and the reasons behind the complaints helps the agencies in defining needs of customers and satisfying the needs. The process considered involves the time the client first contacts the agency to seek information about a car to the time of purchase. A typical flow chart for car sales process is provided below,

The agencies are responsible for facilitating initial contact with would be buyers, taking the buyers through the negotiation process and eventually selling and handing over the car to the buyers. More often, contact is initiated by a client, courtesy of adverts and referrals. The agents the takes the clients through a range of options available and where no desirable options are available, suggests alternative ways of

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