Need An Argumentative Essay On The Valley Winery Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No P

Need an argumentative essay on The Valley Winery. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Employee turnovers have been described as one of the major challenges that face any organization that is bent on growing. This is because turnover puts so much challenging in place for management to solve and the process of solving these problems takes the attention of management from pursuing other beneficial ventures for the organization’s growth (Sigma Assessment Systems, 2012). To this extent, the problem that Pat Waller faces cannot be underestimated in any logical sense.

Causes of the Problem

There exist a number of causes of the present problem at Valley Winery. However, two of these would be outlined for the present purpose. In the first place, much blame would be given to the characteristics of the job that the sales representatives are supposed to undertake. According to Sigma Assessment Systems (2012), not all jobs have the same levels of intrinsic attraction and that “a job’s attractiveness will be affected by many characteristics, including its repetitiveness, challenge, danger, perceived importance.” There is no denying the fact that most sales representatives take up their jobs with very low levels of perceived importance as they assume those jobs to be stepping stones to get hooked on to other kinds of jobs. Moreover, the job does not guarantee repetitiveness and poses a number of dangers to the representatives. This could be the major cause of the problem. The second cause to be discussed could somehow also have served as the solution to the problem if it was implemented earlier.

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