Need An Argumentative Essay On The Vigilance Project Needs To Be 4 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on The Vigilance Project. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Being in a group, an individual feels as integral part of a team which enhances his or her self-worth.

4. Realistic is conflict “based on scarce resources”. symbolic conflict is conflict “based on values and beliefs”. Realist conflicts take place between groups over scarce resources in a competitive environment. Symbolic conflicts occur due to different perspectives regarding values and ideas which give rise to conflicts in goal persuasion.

5.The leadership paradox is best stated as “The fact that teams usually need leaders, but the very presence of a leader threatens the autonomy of a team”. Instead of making a team more productive, a leader may end up being a hindrance if he overuses his power (Thomson, 2004, p.309).

6.The three types of team coaching include “ability, coordination, motivation”. Motivation enhances team commitment, coordination helps people to work together, and educational coaching increases skills and abilities of team members (Levi, 2010, p.178).

7.Teams that are underbounded “Have many external ties, but cannot bring its members together”. in contrast, teams that are overbounded “have high loyalty but an inability to integrate with others”. Overbounded teams are highly cohesive and so members can work in more coordinated manner than underbounded teams (Hackman, 2011, p.79).

11.According to the empirical research on convergent and divergent thinking, “Groups are better than individuals at divergent thinking. individuals are better than groups at convergent thinking”. This is because in the former effort is to find single solution to a problem while in the latter effort is to find multiple solutions to a problems which can be more effective in a group (Salkind, 2005, p.309).

12.The key threats to creativity include all of the following, except “social striving”. Social striving means individuals can exhibit maximum performance when working as part of a group, and this can enhance

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