Need An Argumentative Essay On The Virgin Group In 2012 Needs To Be 5 Pages Plea

Need an argumentative essay on The Virgin Group in 2012. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

owards the achievement of the companies’ mission which is being a shopper victor through delivery of brand values such as superior quality products dazzling customer service and competitiveness. The vision of the organization is implementing its plan of global presence in travel, entertainment, and mobile communications such that their involvement in this existing markets benefits both the organization and the consumers in general

The history of the company dates back in 1968 while Branson was a student and he published a magazine which displayed his sub sequential entrepreneurial features. His magazine targeted the young generation appealing to its optimism, irreverence and its interest in fashion, music and avant-grade culture. He later ventured into mail-order record business in a street in London and in 1984 he ventured into airline business( Rosenberg, 2010). His private company expanded in internal cash flows and external financing with his new businesses concentrated around travel, holidays, retailing, IT, deregulation and privitasation and international expansion. With his ample knowledge in business, Richard amplified consciousness in matters of the business relationship with environment, ethics and the social role pressured his business to creating a project aware design to widen reliable business operations.

The management in the virgin company has been in the forefront in contributing to issues of its relationship with culture ,ethics and the social role by participating in initiatives and creating awareness to its stakeholders. Branson believes that employees are the holding pillar to the business and attending to their needs helps the feel the sense of belonging to the company and hence take responsibility in running the company smoothly. The company provides spotless, vigorous and a secure working environment for its workers with reasonable terms and conditions of operation(Great Britain press,2013). This motivates the employees to work harder

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