Need An Argumentative Essay On The Way In Which Un Agencies Operate Take The Cur

Need an argumentative essay on The way in which UN agencies operate:take the current UNICEF programme support of Syrian refugee children,evaluate how these fit aims and objective of the organisation and what are the main difficulty these programmes are facing encountering. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The most disadvantaged often have its focus. UNICEF responds to humanitarian emergencies that arise from conflict and natural disasters and targets development support to least developed countries.

These violations of children’s rights to protection that UNICEF seeks to address have been identified to occur in every country and are under-recognized, massive and under-reported barriers to child development and survival. This is in addition to human rights violations. Children subjected to exploitation, violence, neglect and abuse are at risk of poor mental and physical health, death HIV/AIDS infection, homelessness, educational problems, vagrancy, displacement and later poor parenting (Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, 2013)

It is through its national committees and country programs that UNICEF can manage to operate in the 190 countries. In each country, the UNICEF’s missions are carried out by the office through a unique cooperation program developed with the hosting government, and this is mostly done in the fields. More practical ways of attaining or realizing the rights of the women and children are often the focus for the country programs. The work often being done by the UNICEF is fully a part of the United Nations systems as they interrelate with some of its U.N agencies as in the case of Syria, where they have to work with (UNRWA)UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees at the country, region and international levels (Jacqui and Kathy, 2013).

The current, UNICEF program support of Syrian refugee children analysis show that their aim and objective fit perfectly with those of the U.N in that the role of the UNICEF of providing proper food and health care to underprivileged women and children of the world. Actually coincides with the U.N objectives of wanting to be at the forefront in promoting human rights and promotion of cooperation among nations to solve international

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