Need An Argumentative Essay On Themes In U S World History Needs To Be 3 Pages P

Need an argumentative essay on THEMES IN U.S. & WORLD HISTORY. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Diffusion refers to the process through which cultural items such as styles, ideas, values, and languages spread among individuals either within a single culture or from one culture to the other. Egyptian religion, for instance, is one of the most prominent symbols of Ancient Egypt. Primeval Egypt is one of the most powerful ancient civilizations that had a huge influence on the world. The king, or the Pharaoh, had the ultimate authority over both religious and political matters. Ancient Egyptians were able to exert influence to the world with their religion through the process of transcultural diffusion. This entailed sharing religious values with members of other culture during their interactions in areas such as business, education, and intermarriages.

Historical diffusion of the Egyptian religion is one of the best examples of how human beings living in different parts of the world are connected throughout human history. The Egyptian religion, for instance, was able to expand to other places and parts of the world through traders, immigrants, missionaries, and warriors. The Egyptian religion was able to diffuse through the chariot as people moved from one place to the other.

Missionaries and traders in the 13th century travelled around the world sharing religious views. Other communities adopted the Egyptian religion and incorporated some of the elements of the religion in their own culture. They did not, however discard their own religious views totally, but only took certain elements of the religion. This led to mixed religious views, which were common during the 13th century as people from different communities interacted. Historical characteristic of Egyptian religion such as religious beliefs and values can be found in other ancient communities such as among the Greeks, Chines and some parts of Europe.

The two most significant geographical or environmental factors that contributed to expansion and development of the US are the Gold Rush

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