Need An Argumentative Essay On Theories Of International Relations Needs To Be 1

Need an argumentative essay on Theories of International Relations. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism.

There is a difference in the philosophies of political and international systems because the objectives of each of them are different. Political system philosophy has the main objective of ‘good life’ while the International system focuses on ‘survival’. Ordering principle is an important component of any political system. This ordering principle determines the relationship between different units. There is a lot of debate about the concept of anarchy. Complex theorists gave a concept of co-evolution. It says that systems are formed with the increase in interactions with the environment, while anarchists believe that they can organize themselves without the interdependence on each other and without the presence of legal formal authority.

Realism says that nations are like ‘billiard balls’ where each billiard ball represents a sovereign state. These balls are independent and are not changed by changes in human interactions and changes in the international system. It is very difficult to predict about any international system during the nonlinear situations and a lot of other complex developments and relations between cause and effect of war, peace and other political developments within a country. There is a debate going between anarchist and complexity theorists. Both schools deal with the issues of order, anarchy is a defining feature of realism which ensures that everybody has the right to pursue his economic growth. Complexity theory deals with the issue of the emergence of order without an orderer. Realists are of point of view that universe exists on the principle of ‘survival of the fittest’. States co-evolve and co-exist with each other, and they are affected by a range of human and non-human factors. In any system which is non linear, it is very hard to predict any international system because there is no set pattern. However, a debate on anarchism and complexity enables a better understanding of the concepts.

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