Need An Argumentative Essay On Things Fall Apart Analytic Needs To Be 6 Pages Pl

Need an argumentative essay on Things Fall Apart : Analytic. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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All in all, it was a written reply by Chinua Achebe to the Western world and their beliefs about the Africans being uncivilized. He tried to show and uncover different things through his writing such as the novel Mister Johnson of Joyce Cary was a racist writing and the outcome of the European colonization. However, “Things Fall Apart” is supposed to be an answer to the novel “Heart of Darkness” which was written by Joseph Conrad. Things Fall Apart is a very good novel the way it has been written and published. The novel is crystal clear from the beginning till the end. It is written with complete honesty and clarity. Basically, they way it has been written, the plot or the theme of the novel begin and continue cleanly and nicely towards the closure with all the sub plots supporting the main theme and idea of the novel. Overall, Things Fall Apart is Chinua Achebe’s own perspective to look at the writing of the Europeans under his own culture. Hence, he wrote this novel with absolute clarity. The story revolves around Okonkwo who is one of the most prominent Umuofia leader. It is common observation that children tend to get inspired by their father. This inspiration motivates to follow their footsteps and become like them. The case was entirely different for Okonkwo as he was really ashamed of his father’s laziness and cowardice which eventually made him develop an entirely different polar personality. Throughout his life he works hard in order to make his distinct reputation and hence succeeds to do so. The theme behinds this amazing piece of work is hard work which certainly pas off like it did in Okonkwo’s case. The writer incorporates a brilliant and unique style to attract the readers and encourage them to work hard. There are specific criteria which judge a good novel and a bad novel. In my paper, I have to discuss at least five criteria which make “Things Fall Apart” a good novel. First of all, the chapters of a good novel should grow out of the story since the beginning rather than focusing only on the theme. Therefore, the book should be written in a manner that they not only enhance the story and its theme but it should have more emotions, reality, and life. This novel is about the Nigerian culture and a hard working man who is afraid of failure and having a reputation like his father. Due to his manliness and masculinity, he never opened his heart to anyone. Since the beginning, every chapter in the novel is intense and full of suspense as well for instance how Okonkwo worked hard to create his reputation in the world and how the murder took place, what were the consequences etc. Every person in the world has flaws. He was a leader of his tribe and the novel told that how a leader should be. He and his tribe were living under his terms and on his right ways rather than of those missionaries who came to teach them the right ways. The novel is exciting from the beginning till the end. The way it has been composed, he has unveiled many things in front of the world. Secondly, the theme of a novel should be broadly and openly to humans so that every men and women finds it interesting enough to read and review. This novel has several major themes which attracts the readers towards the novel. But the main theme is family strength, hard work, and change. These themes are so vivid and inspiring.

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