Need An Argumentative Essay On Think Global Act Local Needs To Be 2 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on Think Global Act Local. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Nurses can be involved in the planning of their activities, for example, the ones that promote giving to present voluntary giving without anticipating anything in return. These are the work that most nurses do by helping others voluntarily. Nurses can also be assisted to help others develop their self-esteem by helping them value themselves. The next organization is Philadelphia FIGHT. This is an all-encompassing AIDS service agency, which provides primary care, advocacy on potential vaccines or treatments and consumer care. The main goal is to provide care to HIV/AIDS through offering a wide range of prevention, education, as well as information services such as AIDS Library, Project TEACH, Critical Path AIDS Project and the Youth Health Empowerment Project. These missions are also how its goals are being achieved and the agency can be really assisted a lot with the introduction of nurses into their program. For instance, a nurse can be brought in to assist in the Project TEACH, which basically teaches people who to live after developing AIDS and also how to prevent themselves from catching the virus. The final organization is the American Association of University Women. This organization promotes equity and education for girls and women. What the organization has done to realize its mission is spreading itself into different universities in the United States and areas where education is not female education is not widespread to advocate for the education of more female adults and young ones.

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