Need An Argumentative Essay On This Is A Problem Solution I Wouldl Like The Topi

Need an argumentative essay on This is a Problem-Solution . I wouldl like the topic to be HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean or Diabetes in the African American Community (negotiable). Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

We should be careful, because once contracted, the effects cannot be reversed. However, one can also be born with it. They have to live with this malady and manage it as best they can for the rest of their lives. Research shows that the African-American community has unfortunately been falling prey to this disease in increasing numbers over the last decade. A healthy and balanced diet, avoidance of sugary and fatty foods and a proper exercise regimen can nevertheless reduce our propensity to contract this disease.

Diabetes is caused by high levels of glucose in the blood caused by defects in insulin production or insulin action. In juvenile diabetes the body destroys its own insulin producing cells in the pancreas. In adult onset diabetes, the body either does not make enough insulin or cannot handle the insulin it makes properly. It has been noticed that Type 1 Diabetes accounts for 5 percent of all diagnosed cases in adults, whereas Type II Diabetes accounts for the rest or 90 to 95 percent of all diagnosed cases (NDEP, 1). For those who are not born with it, there is still time to prevent its occurrence even if one or both parents have the disease. As noted above, this will need a commitment to a balanced diet and healthy food choices, a proper and regular exercise regimen, control of weight, decrease in consumption or better, avoidance of sugary foods altogether. For many who are at risk of developing Type II diabetes or adult onset diabetes due to hereditary factors, the good news is that diabetes can be prevented from occurring altogether if we practice a healthy and active lifestyle.

Another caveat is to have a medical test of blood and glucose tolerance before you get married. If you really want to avoid the disease developing in your children, as many who have Type I diabetes do, the best thing is to choose a healthy and wise partner who neither has diabetes nor a family history of the

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