Need An Argumentative Essay On This Is Individual Assignment Assessed By Means O

Need an argumentative essay on This is individual assignment assessed by means of a 1,000 10% word report. The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and demonstrate your understanding of the working environment and practical application of your knowledge. Specifically,. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The sooner a candidate can adapt to the organization culture, the higher the chances of increasing organization productivity. Job seekers should also demonstrate their knowledge of factors affecting both internal and external business environment. Proper understanding of internal and external factors affecting the organization is a good indication that the candidate can be part of the solution to the problems facing the company (Gennari et al, 2003).

There are a number of skills that employer within the business environment. Some of those skills include. self-reliance, technical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills to mention just but a few. Self-reliance skills are those skills that help a candidate to work independently without supervision from the seniors. A candidate with self-reliance skills can work both as an individual and as a team player to achieve the organization goals and objectives. Technical skills are competencies to use information technology to solve the problems affecting the organization skills. On the other hand, communication skills involve the ability of the job applicant to communicate effectively. Communication is an imperative skill that every employer is looking. A candidate should not only have the ability to communicate orally but must also have the ability to write effectively (Gennari et al, 2003). Therefore, for the purpose of this study Apple Inc company has been chosen to determine how working environment and practical application of individual knowledge may be.

Apple Inc Company was established in the year 1976 its headquarters are based in Cupertino California. The organization was pioneers by Steve Jobs, Wayne Ronald and Wozniak Steve. They started by selling kits for personal computers. Apple Inc has continued to grow and in 1977, January. the company was incorporated after Wayne sold his share to Steve Jobs. Apple is now the second largest global largest

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