Need An Argumentative Essay On To Correctly Identify Opportunities And Threats T

Need an argumentative essay on To correctly identify opportunities and threats to their product, marketing managers need to understand the marketing environment in which their products operate. Choose a product or service and determine how to make it available to the end user. Using y. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

starting beverage company to excel and develop they are required to boost their beverage sales hence calling out for a unique sales and marketing game plan that involves selling to retailers, distributors and ultimately the end consumer.

Annually, there are hundreds of new beverages that are introduced into the market though only a few are successful at gaining distribution and convincing customers to finally purchase their product. unfortunately, one can have the best tasting beverage in the world and if people dont know about it and cant purchase it, then their new beverage will definitely fail. Basically, for a beverage like Unique building distribution can be extremely hard-hitting especially if the management is not aware of how to navigate the competitive beverage industry. for starters, one needs to know how to get their product to the market, how to choose the right distributors, retail channels and also how to persuade retailers to carry their product. As new beverage, it would be the biggest mistake if it was sold just to any distributor or placed in the wrong retail channels. therefore, the company plans on getting a distributor that will frequently visit their accounts and can make sure that the product is on the shelf with the correct pricing and sales promotions.

Unique Beverage Company looks forward to being among the best as soon as possible and so as a foundation for this the best channel to build its brand awareness and get consumers to try out its beverage through the use of the variety and selection of C-stores in the country. Frequently, consumers visit these stores to purchase cold single beverages more than any other retail channel. moreover, this will be the first step of building a great sales story (Joseph 2005). Additionally, it is essential that the company executes successful sales promotions that will drive sales, offer valuable incentives to motivate distributor sales representatives and retailers to promote the unique beverage, and

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