Need An Argumentative Essay On To What Extent Are Teenagers Influenced By Popula

Need an argumentative essay on To What Extent are Teenagers Influenced by Popular Music. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This essay approves that the General Aggression Model is one of the effective methodologies that facilitate the understanding of aggressive behavior from the confrontation of popular music and violent media. A teen goes through a developmental process during his music listening, and different teens are affected on short-term and long-term bases. In this regard, impact of popular music can be reduced by the proper study and understanding of different strategies that can be implemented to eliminate the aggression from a teenage boy or girl.

It is very difficult to restrict children from music listening from the scratch, as the music has become very much popularized in the present era. However, the negative impact of popular music can be reduced by a number of steps that can be taken for the improvement of lives of thousands of teens. In this regard, rating of music albums should be studied by parents, and musical equipments should not be installed in child’s bedroom.

This report makes a conclusion that teenagers should be allowed to listen to music of their interest for a limited period, and media consumption should be monitored by the parents. Music plays a vital role in the personal and spiritual development of a child. however, violent music plays a crucial role in the negative development of teenagers, and therefore, it is imperative that parents and teachers should play an effective role in the reduction of negative impact of such music. It is hoped that this paper will be beneficial for the students, teachers, experts, and nonprofessionals in the better understanding of the subject.

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