Need An Argumentative Essay On To What Extent Has The Globalization Of The Mass

Need an argumentative essay on To What Extent Has The Globalization of The Mass Media Created a New Form of Global Consciousness or Identity. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The culture and identity which is followed by people in one country differ from the culture of other nations in various aspects. However, if there is interaction among the people belonging to different countries or cultures, and importantly if there exposure of one culture to other cultures through the omnipresent media, there are chances that the native culture may be influenced by the culture of other nations. This is what happens because of globalization, leading to the emergence of global consciousness or identity or multiculturalism. That is, as globalization and the resultant spread of mass media causes and promotes more interaction and integration between the people and thereby their cultures, it kind of creates and impacts global consciousness or identity. So, this paper will discuss how the globalization of the mass media created a new form of global consciousness or identity to a maximum extent.

Among the many economic based movements, globalization is the one which had and is still having a major impact on the economic development of many countries and its people worldwide. “The word globalization marks a set of transitions in the global political economy since the 1970s, in which multinational forms of the capitalist organization began to be replaced by transnational” (Appadurai, cited in Meyer and Geschiere 1999, p307). The economic part of globalization is the key because with the whole world becoming a kind of global village, barriers between the countries are broken with integration happening mainly in the economic aspects. In this scenario, foreign organizations particularly media organizations or houses, using the&nbsp.globalization plank, have entered and will also enter various sectors of the businesses leading to the establishment of many industries and thereby having an impact on multiculturalism.&nbsp.

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