Need An Argumentative Essay On Todays Woman Needs To Be 7 Pages Please No Plagia

Need an argumentative essay on Todays Woman. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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For example, in the bible when the first human was created who is Adam, God saw that the man was very lonely and he need a companion and a helper as he was in-charge of the whole world. God created the woman (Eve) from the ribs of Adam and therefore human beings have interpreted that the woman is inferior to man. As a result of her supposed inferiority, the woman took the female role of being a house wife and a helper to the man and all the decisions were made by the man and in some of the cultures, this has been the trend to this day. Most of the time much of the women’s work has remained unrecognized and to some extent, undervalued, be it economically, politically, socially, or culturally. For example, many house chores are seen to be very easy, but in a day, a woman is supposed to prepare meals three times and at the same time do the cleaning while also taking care of the kids. If the total number of hours that both women and men work is put together, the woman works for more hours compared to a man (Gupta 73). In today’s society, the world is going through social change and the role of women as being house wives is changing. Today women are being educated and as a result, they are occupying high powered positions and influential careers, which have brought a fresh outlook and a positive impact in the society. This paper discusses the positions of women in today’s society and the positive impacts they are making. The Role of Women in Literature Many women have been victimized for their attempts in the field of writing. This is because literature was a male dominated field and for a woman to get a position in literature, it has not been an easy task. Most women in these patriarchal societies have seen their gender as being a very big and painful obstacle towards the success of their writing careers. The nineteenth century saw the emergence of elite and educated women in America and Europe. Since then, this has presented threats to the societies which are very rooted in patriarchy, as women can represent themselves even in public arenas and that means empowering women (Pastor and Lloyd 2-3). During the second half of the twentieth century, Latin America saw an emerging and influential group of women writers, who have left an authoritative legacy through their literature. Most of these writers concentrated on their historical marginalization, but the trend is changing and the modern women writers have embarked on different themes like those of science and mathematics among others. The women are now seen to have positive impacts in the society from all aspects of their literature. In America, there have been many women writers who have contributed a lot to literature. Examples of these women include Zora Neale Hurston and Toni Morrison among others. Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960) is a re-known folklorist and writer, who is celebrated for her great impact on the culture of the African American society of the rural south (Britannica Educational Publishing, American Literature 131). She is also remembered for the contributions that she had on the Harlem Renaissance. Harlem Renaissance was an African American culture, which involved creative arts and that had a lot of influence in the African American history. The impact of this was that it helped the black people to be proud of their heritage and re-conceptualize the stereotypes from the whites that had affected their heritage to each other.

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