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Need an argumentative essay on Topical Analysis on Japan’s Revolution. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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In order to understand the nature of the Meiji restoration, there is the need to look at the relationship between the merchants and the lower samurais. Both parties were anti-Tokugawa forces who were determined to annihilate the Tokugawa regime, with the lower samurais being vested with the leadership that would yield desired societal changes. The lower Samurais had superseded the ranks of the Samurai in order to become the spokesmen in this society. The Meiji restoration was a shift of the Japanese government to the upper samurai to lower samurai. In achieving this political control, the lower samurais supplied the ablest individuals such as Ito Hirobumi, Saigo Takamori, Inoue Kaoru and Omura Masujiro. The lower samurai achieved this through the financial help of the merchants. Merchants such as Konoike, Iwasaki, Shimada and Ono made immense contributions through financial donations. Hence, it is apparent that the Meiji restoration was achieved through a coalition between the lower samurai and merchant class. Moreover, the Feudal-merchant coalition was a cornerstone in the Japanese revolution. Unlike the class struggle that existed in western countries such as a France and England, the scenario in Japan was different. Marxists argue that capitalist bourgeoisie rise against feudal aristocrats in a bid to seize political power from them. The case in Japan was characterized by a collaboration between the aristocracy and the merchant classes. Hence, the Samurai and the merchant class had a symbiotic relation and they needed each other. In the Tokugawa system, the merchants were largely dependent on the daimyo and their treasurers. They saw…

Japan’s revolution, dubbed ‘Meiji restoration’, took place following numerous reforms instituted by the Japanese government late in the 19th century. The subsequent events constituted the most dramatic events to ever happen in the modern history of Japan. It was in the Japanese revolution when universal education system was established. Moreover, during this revolution the navy and the army were established as well as the establishment of an effective administrative bureaucracy both locally and nationally. The Japanese revolution was multifaceted and culminated in Japan becoming a modern state. There are numerous shortcomings in the book by Norman (2000) as there lacks a detailed explanation of the nature of the Japanese revolution.The account of the Japanese revolution was scantily presented in the article with some facts being left out. The events that contributed to the revolution emanated from within the country and brought significant changes crucial to the development of a modern Japan. The multifaceted revolution saw a universal system of education being introduced in Japan as well as the establishment of the army and the navy. It is important to note that social disparities that existed during the Tokugawa regime were primary responsible for fuelling animosity that led to the revolution. The fact that the new regime under Meiji turned to the western countries for progress reveals that the Tokugawa regime was not toppled due to its move to seek assistance from these countries but rather due to domestic squabbles. The revolution revealed that there was animosity within the ranks of Tokugawa regime as there is no justification of having turned to the west for progress.

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