Need An Argumentative Essay On Toward An Intelligence Beyond Mans Needs To Be 2

Need an argumentative essay on Toward An Intelligence beyond Mans. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

As these form of computers are evolving, many of them will actually mimic humans in doing some roles better than them to an extent of blurring the difference between humans and computers. Generally, these computers will be regarded as artificially intelligent creations that will have the capability of absorbing large quantities of information, store and process them, at a faster speed compared to the slow human brains. The only thing which with the time that can be incorporated in such computers to totally give it an upper hand on humans, is when they shall be incorporated with human feelings. Computers will hence become faster and better, “Computers match people in some roles, and when decisions fast are needed in a crisis, they often outclass them”. Computers will hence be part of our evolutionary process. Ever since 100,000 years ago, the human brain has not changed that much in terms of its capacity of holding information. The human brain cannot accommodate large chunks of information at once. Computers, on the other hand, provide humans with a chance to store large quantities of information and skip an evolutionary process of developing super accommodative brains. With time, human beings will form a symbiotic relationship with computers. Human beings will be expected to give them electricity and reproduce them while in return they can offer their economic and social needs, “Child of man’s brain rather than his loins, it will become his salvation in a world of crushing complexity”.

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