Need An Argumentative Essay On Training And Developing Paper Needs To Be 2 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Training and Developing Paper. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

s training courses. although training courses are important, your training and education will be designed to also encompass in-house mentoring, work-based learning, reflective practice and shadowing.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving as new advances in medicine are discovered. As such, employees should constantly make good use of training and education so as to adequately prepare themselves for these changes (McConnell & Fallon, 2013).

The threat of legal action leveled against professionals in the healthcare industry is increasing. It is important for you as newly recruited employees to continually undergo training that will keep you updated on any new legal developments that might be directly affecting you as professionals.

Competencies are basically the eventual outcomes of the training and education process. It is important to measure your competences as individual employees in the organization as these measures will be a crucial indicator of your ability to perform definite tasks in a fashion that will eventually yield desirable outcomes. As new employees, it is important for you to understand that having high levels of competency basically implies that you are successfully able to apply skills, knowledge and abilities to new situations.

It is important for organizations to assess organizational and individual competencies performance so as to assess the efficiency of the services that we are able to provide to patients. Healthcare organizations are singularly responsible for the overall quality of care they provide, as such, the assessment of competencies helps the organization in the determination of whether there is any need to design and implement new training programs aimed at improving the organization’s performance (Kelly & Vottero, 2014).

Reaction: During this stage, participants hand in feedback questionnaires, they are also encouraged to provide any informal feedback that they believe is of importance. This information is

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