Need An Argumentative Essay On Training Schedule For Employees Of Mach Speed Cou

Need an argumentative essay on Training Schedule For Employees Of Mach Speed Couriers. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The return on investment for example, given the professionals and companies that Mach Speed Couriers deal with, let for instance the cost of the training program to be $ 300,000 for three years. This delivers an additional profit of $ 500,000 for the business period of the three years. The information is used to calculate the value of ROI as shown below.ROI = profit gains fewer Investment costs (training cost) divided by investment costs. ROI= ($ 500,000– $ 300, 000) / 300,000 = 66.67 %The designed training program caters for individual differences because the employees come from different backgrounds and initial exposure to varying experiences (Carnes, 2010). For meaningful transfer of training, there are specific materials very suitable to the trainee. The charts and marker pens for the trainers must be available. The charts are useful in demonstrating the whole concepts on the board or the wall. However, computer use and the projector are more useful in the exercise. This can be used for easier simulation. The trainees are provided with writing materials to note down key concerns in the courier industry. The design must have the clear and realistic objective that can be accomplished. The information relayed must be applicable and related to job specifications and how to improve on them. The real reflection on the working environment is captured by the trainer.Transfer of training is possible through sub-division of trainees into small manageable groups.

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