Need An Argumentative Essay On Treatment And Prevention Data Of Chlamydia Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Treatment And Prevention Data Of Chlamydia. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

While offering treatment for the disease and contribution techniques for prevention, some communities were against open discussions on sexually transmitted diseases and sexual practices. Particular people believed that openly talking about the topic would instead of help in prevention, indulge in more sexual activities. Therefore, a majority of the communities resisted attempts of open discussion. Additionally, the collection of data from physicians was compromised by fact that most of them never carried out treatment for chlamydia patients unless they were willing to pay. As a result of this, providers were unable to have the correct representation of patient data. Furthermore, data collected from some laboratory tests were incomplete because some technicians failed to update regularly patient data. Incomplete information was a major challenge in data collection process even among the patients because of the stigma associated with chlamydia. Most patients faced hardships in expressing their conditions to physicians. hence, inhibiting the correct collection of data. Moreover, patient confidentiality issue arose since the providers who delivered the information felt they had the obligation to maintain their patients’ secrets.

Other challenges that the group encountered comprised of inadequate team members to collect data from the wide range of providers. Since the group only comprised of a few participants, there was a workload in the collection of data concerning the treatment and prevention of the illness. The individuals could not produce a representative number of the wider patient size. Additionally, the timing was not enough for the full assessment of activities meant to prevent the condition. Partner institutions in the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases include the National Chlamydia Coalition and the Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention.

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