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Need an argumentative essay on U.S. History : Jacksonian symbolism. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The crisis on nullification which became a sensationalized conflict in South Carolina is one of the areas through which his policy on tariffs may be evaluated. In the early 1930s, the tariffs imposed upon taxes on imported goods anguished the leaders and people of the state of South Carolina. John C. Calhoun, back then, became one sharp precursor of ‘nullifying’ the federal law by the state on the ground that the state, with its own set of rules to follow, need not abide by the laws set by the federal government. Imposition of tariffs was treated with abomination by the southerners yet President Jackson merely expressed moderate stand on the issue.

For Jackson, modest decisions in favor of tariffs are necessary to ensure national security and the stable production of commodities. This would also establish better commercial relations with European manufacturers, to be able to adjust revenue to the level that paid the nation’s debt.

Hence, by opposing the struggles of those who desired to nullify the legal connections between the state and the federal authority via further issuing the “Nullification Proclamation”, new tariff was proposed but only up to the extent when nullifiers denounced it to proceed with the endeavor of safeguarding the rights of the South from the legislation believed to suppress advancement of their interests. Through this event, Jackson occurred to exhibit an enduring symbolism of one who stood by the nation during storm, having vindicated the Union and proving that nationalism reflects the same principles as the rights of the state. Political party work had been richly rewarded with the use of public offices made possible by the “Spoils System”. This system is known in several nations and by 1840, the local as well as the state and federal governments extensively utilized it. Here, one need not be an elite to become part of the government and to address the concern of common citizens who wanted to hold political office despite lack of proper education and other qualifications, Jackson spoiled a certain number of individuals to assume office. This move is found to be politically motivated as the president preferred to act as such in order to counter the schemes of his opponents and replace the officiating bodies who served the economic favors of New England. On exclaiming “To the victor belong the spoils”, it may be perceived of Jackson that the “spoils” in the context of his regime were a symbol of his position on democracy which primarily bore the president’s theme of being “champion of the common man”. As a significant part of Jackson’s political structure, the&nbsp.spoils system&nbsp.remained until the emergence of the civil service reforms at the latter part of the century. It is through this system that Jackson’s so-called “kitchen cabinet”, composed mostly of friends, often conferred with him via informal gatherings despite the presence of the formal cabinet officials. By the time the rapid growth of the United States prompted expansion toward the lower South in the early19th century, the whites were confronted with the conflict of having to deal with the original settlers.

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