Need An Argumentative Essay On Under The Ribs Of Death By John Marlyn Needs To B

Need an argumentative essay on Under the Ribs of Death by John Marlyn. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This essay studies the Under the Ribs of Death novel by John Marlyn and highlights the major theme of the adoption of the false values and their terrible consequences of damaging dislocation. In this essay researcher mentiones that this novel is based on the ambiguous concept of multiculturalism. The title of this novel sounds somewhat grisly and horrified and seems to entail the pressure of capitalist society which results into the death of individual hopes and aspirations. It is necessary for every human being to cherish his originality. But the protagonist Sandor wants to forget that he is a Hungarian and tries to behave like an Englishman. No doubt he wants to be a successful person in his life but for that it is not right to forget the originality. Sandor Hunyadi in this novel accepts blindly all the values of the modern world and keeps himself away from his origin and the old values which are the marks of his real identity. This essay suggests that perhaps Sandor feels that by changing name one can change his or her destiny. But according to the researcher, when you try to run away from your name your own personality, your own language how could real you survive? Some citations are also given as an examples in the essay. Sandor in the entire novel tries to run away from himself. The main moral of the Under the Ribs of Death novel is that if you hate yourself, then success hates you. The researcher concludes that it should be the doctrine of everybody’s life these days.

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