Need An Argumentative Essay On Urban Tourism Development Needs To Be 15 Pages Pl

Need an argumentative essay on Urban tourism development. Needs to be 15 pages. Please no plagiarism.

siness related things but people also move to cities for leisure purposes and to observe and learn about the different cultural activities at different cities. The main elements which attract the tourists towards the cities are theatres, cinemas, museums, art galleries, parks, night clubs, casinos, organized events like Christmas, shopping, markets, accommodation and festivals etc. So in short urban tourism refers to the utilization of town spectacles (like construction, monuments, and parks) and artistic amenities (such as museums and performances) by guests. Studying urban tourism involves seriously relaxation activities and transitory populations. A good quantity of developments in recent previous decades has led tourism to appear as a large industry with huge amounts of money involved in it. As industrial built-up deserts intense urban areas, entertainment plays an extended role in numerous city economies. The magnetism and accommodation of tourists has become a vital concern for community and private city elites. The considerable but transitory population of tourists to the city has an amazing influence on the local political affairs, investment options, and the built-up of environment. Tourist demand for travel to cities has deeply improved over the last few decades (Theobald & William, 1998).

It is an important fact that tourism plays a critical role in the UK’s economy. It is accepted as the fifth major industry in UK. Keeping in view the importance of tourism industry UK especially London has made major improvements and to date London offers attractions like Trafalgar square, British Museum,&nbsp.Zoo, National Gallery and the&nbsp.London&nbsp.Dungeon, to name just a few. `London for fun` is the eventual and absolute tourist heaven. London is amongst the cities which are most commonly visited by the travelers in year 2009 (London overseas factsheet, 2009)

A special tourism known as cultural tourism has made its place in the past few decades. In cultural tourism

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