Need An Argumentative Essay On Usha Martin Competitive Advantage Through Vertica

Need an argumentative essay on Usha Martin: Competitive Advantage Through Vertical Integration. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The external and internal factors that have affected the operation and financial position of Usha Martin over the years can be understood through the use of the TOWS Analysis tool. This is a strategic management tool that evaluates the internal and external environments that an organization operates in by looking at the threats, opportunities, weakness and the strengths of the organization (Gorgenlnder, 2007). The factors are placed in that order to help in highlighting and emphasizing the problems solving aspect of the tool. From the case study, Usha Martin’s main threat has been the growing competition from other enterprises that specialize in steel item production and distribution the various regions that the organization operates in. The shifting focus of other big players such as Tata Steel and SAIL into the wire and wire cord products has increased the competitive intensity in the sector. The new trend has impacted negatively on the sales and profitability of Usha Martin. The other threat is the anti-dumping laws in some of the countries that the company operates in. Such laws have affected its raw material supply side thus impacting negatively on its vertical integration strategy. The final major threat is the fluctuation of steel prices which has affected the sale of its wire cords.Based on the facts and information available in the case study, it is apparent that Usha Martin has several weaknesses that are affecting its operations, financial performance and profitability. One of the weaknesses is the cynical nature of the industry in which it operates. The steel industry is not only competitive but also prone to external factors such as coal and oil price fluctuations. The nature of the industry has made it difficult for the organization to ensure constant revenue flow. The second weakness is the capital-intensive nature of the venture. In the various acquisitions that the company has made, the capital involved has been significantly high. This has been the same case with the expansion and plant building initiatives that Usher Martin has initiated.

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