Need An Argumentative Essay On Using Social Media To Manage Personal Knowledge A

Need an argumentative essay on Using social media to manage personal knowledge and learning within a Postgraduate Learning context. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

I am taking part in a Postgraduate Learning program in a business school in the North London area. Personal knowledge and learning scopes of this program will be developed through different means of social media. I will be able to gain the insight of Personal Knowledge Management or PKM, Knowledge Management or KM and different learning theories.

Personal Knowledge Management is mainly a process that enhances the possibility of gaining more knowledge and managing the development of learning and knowledge (Cope and Kalantzis 332). I think that PKM will create contemporary knowledge among the students. According to my experience, social media policy of the higher education institutions is quite feasible in personal knowledge management. Knowledge management policies are highly adopted by the companies and educational institutions. I observed that knowledge of the teachers and experienced people are disseminated among the new recruits or the learners with a sound communication system (Costello 634).

Knowledge management process is adopting innovative approach for the learners. I observed that KM process in the post graduation learning institutes helps in recognising the scope of education.

Being one of the members of the post graduation learning institutions, I am able to evaluate various courses provided in the institutions.

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