Need An Argumentative Essay On Vibration Training Needs To Be 18 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Vibration Training. Needs to be 18 pages. Please no plagiarism.

These efforts led to the development of vibration platforms and whole body vibration technology as a solution (History of Whole Body Vibration).

Vibration training is a technology and not a device. The device employed is the vibration platform. In whole body vibration training vibration platforms are used and the individual stands, sits, or lies prone on the vibration platform, depending on how and for what are the objectives in the use of the technology. The frequency and the strength of the vibrations can be adjusted for achieving different ends. The individual holds the required position on the vibrating platform, which may be in the standing on one foot or squatting with knees fully bent and so on for a selected period of time, like sixty seconds. Vibration training is thus a simple means for achieving certain desired health parameters in individuals (Whole body vibration training).

Evidence from studies of individuals exposed to vibration effects show that there are a host of possible beneficial as well as destructive effects. Summarizing these effects is that every biological system and subsystem of the human body can possibly be affected by vibration input, as is seen from chronic exposure to vibrations at the wrokplace. Given that gravity works in the verticular direction, exercising in the verticular direction causes verticular expansion and contraction of all the major organs in human body, the abdominal cavity and the muscles in the body. These movements can provide the beneficial effect of stimulating growth plates, improving blood circulation, activating the lymph system, eliminating cellulite and enhancing muscle strength. This is the basis for the posit that controlled exposure to vibrations could have beneficial impacts (Mester et al, 1999).

The medical use of vibration training is derived from the possibility of vibration training being beneficial in strengthening muscles, enhancing bone

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