Need An Argumentative Essay On Vroom S Equation Theory Discussion Needs To Be 1

Need an argumentative essay on Vroom’s Equation Theory Discussion. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This is because there is no accurate measure for the variables and the result cannot be accurate (Schermerhorn, 2010).

The relationship between these variables holds for different cultures but with different constant terms for each group. This is because value for reward and effort differs across cultures. Team effort is for example more valuable in a collectivism culture that individual effort is and this influences the equation for the same level of attainable reward. Values that define degree of intrinsic motivation also influence ability of the equation to hold (Wlodarczyk, 2010).

Vroom’s equation has a weak relationship to a collectivist society because its foundation of an individual’s power to control external environment is limited in a collectivist society where power of a group, rather than that of an individual, control the environment (Wlodarczyk, 2010).

Vroom’s equation still works if work is not the central point in life. This is because even though the equation is based on a work environment, its variables are not, and this means that the equation can apply to other environments that have the variables (Vellnagel, 2012).

A belief that people have little control over their lives affects expectancies in Vroom’s theory because it influences values that people associate with efforts and rewards. A collectivist culture, for example, lowers expectancies in the theory (Wlodarczyk,

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