Need An Argumentative Essay On Week 3 Discussion Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No P

Need an argumentative essay on Week 3 Discussion. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Schools need to take an active role in developing as well as promoting the physical, emotional, mental, and social health of students. There is also need to engage students in meaningful work. Since health is so relevant to students, undertaking tasks that are related to promoting their health can be used in capturing students’ interest and enhance development of skills and knowledge in other curriculum areas.

By working closely with the community and families, schools have a chance to positively influence the health of students. In the past, many schools were against allocating their resources to health programs since benefits of these programs seemed insufficient. Today, however, benefits of these programs are clear. Studies have shown that introducing school-based health programs have many positive changes in the health-related behaviors of students (Meeks et al., 2011).

The curriculum should demonstrate students’ ability to well with a wide range of both at school and out of school. It should encourage students to behave in positive ways towards others. It is will be of great importance for one to distinguish between a person’s own feelings about the behaviors or opinions and the need to respect the rights of others (Meeks et al., 2011).

The curriculum needs to emphasize on different nutritional needs during different stages of life. For example, it needs to emphasize on different nutrition during infancy, early childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The effects of nutrition on appearance, behavior and mental performance should be highlighted in the curriculum (Meeks et al.,

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