Need An Argumentative Essay On Western Medieval Christian Architecture Needs To

Need an argumentative essay on Western Medieval Christian Architecture. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In the beginning of this essay it is important to mention that two major styles, Romanesque and Gothic, were developed in the field of architecture of Western European Middle Ages. These two styles have reflected the world outlook of their era in the best way. Medieval Romanesque period begins in the X century, when a period of a lull was possible after many internecine wars. Historical evidence states that, by this time, a vast empire of Charlemagne had already formed some European states which have not been able to acquire the cultural autonomy and identity, and culture of each of them was just a variation on a European theme (Perry et al. 217-222).It is obvious that pilgrimages to Jerusalem and the crusades introduced Europeans to the culture of the Arab East. Different Christian monasteries greatly expanded their activity: they built roads, bridges, hotels and hospitals. New experience and traditions were transferred from the master of one monastery to other monastery.Composition in the Middle Ages was understood literally, as the folding, drawing up a new form of ready-made. This was evident in all the arts, and especially in the architecture. And even today the Romanesque cathedral seems as it is composed of several separate volumes like cubes. In such a way, previously stated information gives us an understanding of the fact that already the Romanesque era formed the main design features of the cathedral, which was brought to perfection in the Gothic style in the next centuries.

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