Need An Argumentative Essay On What Are Rayjay Walsh S Strengths And Weaknesses

Need an argumentative essay on What are RayJay Walsh’s strengths and weaknesses as the narrator of Beamish Boy What ideas about thinking and making meaning does the choice of RayJay as a narrator raise. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

His vocabulary is not developed and language used is simple and even crudely innocent at times. The reader then is able to create a highly realistic picture of the scenarios described in the book. This can be inferred from the beginning of the story itself:

“My kite is black and plastic spread out flat and black against the grass and underneath the wind is shaky. Wind is a snake. Water is a snake and grass is a snake and snake is wind and water but snake is not grass. Upon reading this, the reader can picture the kite trailing behind the little boy flying along the grass. To his mind the blips, twists and bops of the kite as it skims the surface of the grass seems to be that of a snake moving, like water and wind make things move, he associates such movements with the only things he understands.

The narrator repeats similar ideas and sentences, reinforcing the scene in the writers mind. The child that he is, his mind is very easily distracted oscillating from one idea to another and back gives a sense of a whirlwind of ideas, as is with any 5 year old, making the story highly realistic. He is as any young boy fixated on his kite. His thoughts move from his kite to the ocean to his sister and back to his kite.

Further, the multiple use of the word ‘and’ only increases the descriptive nature of the story. The reader does not have to use his imagination, the story paints a picture. “There are no trees except the ones far away, just a clothesline and flat yellow grass and big grass hissing in the back”. This in itself is evidence of where the family was vacationing. The use of the word ‘and’ as well as multiple adjectives to describe the same situation lends to the story a higher degree of realism. This can be seen further “When I open the refrigerator, fog falls out the way the sun does here” The use of highly descriptive words are almost poetic in the way that they convey an emotion or activity, as only done by a

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