Need An Argumentative Essay On What Does The Text Suggest To You About The Effec

Need an argumentative essay on What does the text suggest to you about the effect of extraordinary times on establishing and/or maintaining an identity. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The books talk charts into the increasing madness of Rpbert and his mother Mrs Ross. There are several other characters that reveal important feelings and messages like Rowena (Robert’s sister) and Rodwell (the animal lover). Every character is essential to the evidence of the effect of extreme times on establishing and/or maintaining an identity.

Robert, soft at heart and a kind natured man, was forced to enlist in defense services choosing the path to serve the nation by participating in the war. Robert was an ordinary man with ordinary achievements. He was shy and an introvert. In the matters of the heart he was confused and came across as naive and impatient while dealing with girls. As described in the book Robert in Marian Turner’s (the person who cared for Robert in the hospital after his arrest opinion was made of glass. He was a person with a gifted physique and one who immensely cared about his body. His was a person of a very gentle frame of mind, easily hurt, emotional and increasingly soft natured. He is also shown to be having a bond of love and affection towards animals.

In this novel Mrs Ross, Robert Ross, Rowena, Rodwell depict different shades of human emotions and essentially represent different reactions of the national and global crisis – the War. The effect of extraordinary times like this one of an ongoing global crisis and the prevailing war-time circumstances has a deep impact on the interactions of the characters in the novel with the outside world.

Robert himself is torn between two counteracting forces in his mind. One force stopping him from adjusting to the new environment, new people and his new duties while the other force calling on him to perform his tasks and rise above the occasion. These two forces have a significant influence on Robert’s actions and his thoughts as depicted in the novel.

The war has a great psychological impact on both the men sent to the battle fields and front lines, as

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