Need An Argumentative Essay On What Interests You About Families I Want You To P

Need an argumentative essay on What interests you about families I want you to pick a topic that will make a difference for you and/or your family. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Immediate indicators of effects of a divorce would be high rates of temperament, poor academic performance, higher rates of stress and at the extreme cases, involvement into lewd behaviors such as drugs and substance abuse. However, despite the sufferings that children suffer in the event of a divorce, an obvious thing is that children need to be guided through the situation (Carroll, 1-2). In most instances, children have many questions and in such a position, they require parental guidance in understanding what they are going through. There are therefore basic frameworks that work to help children navigate through the situation. However, the most efficient manner of handling the situation is through addressing the case with distinction in age factor as the children may suffer differently because of age difference (Schwartz, 1-5).

Generally, the most efficient basic way to help children sail through the stressful moment of a divorce is by engaging them to talk about the divorce. In talking, one is required to address the many questions that the children may be having concerning the divorce. Children often have many questions as to what the cause of divorce would have been?, what role did they play in the divorce?, how life would be without one parent?, will there be any chance for reunion between the parents?, who would be providing for their basic needs?, among others. Withholding any information may greatly affect the children as they try to seek for the answers to the questions on their own. One is required to confirm to the children that they are in no way to blame for the divorce and that it is the fault of their parents. This eases the tension and anxiety that is developed within the children in figuring out the exact role that they played in causing the divorce. It is also good to prepare them

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