Need An Argumentative Essay On What Is The Quran About According To Fazlur Rahma

Need an argumentative essay on What is the Quran about according to Fazlur Rahmans Major Themes of the Quran. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The book Major Themes of the Quran by Fazlur Rahman attempts to unravel the intricacies of the Quran with special focus on themes such as God, prophecy, modern society, and disclosure as concerns a stout Muslim and a western scholar (Rahman 19).

The Quran is a document aimed at man, with an indication as the guidance for humankind. It has a reference of God’s proper name as Allah, with the name appearing over 2500times in the Quran. His existence as per the Quran is functional as the creator and sustainer of the universe and man. In addition, He is the giver of guidance for man, judges out man individually and collectively as well metes out to him merciful justice. God is the dimension that makes other dimensions possible, giving meaning and life to everything else. He is the all-enveloping, infinite, and the only infinite being. Without God’s activity, the activity of nature and man are wrong, purposeless, and wasteful. The Quran, therefore, emphasizes and re-emphasizes the power and majesty of God (Rahman 23).

Concerning the purpose of man, the Quran emphasizes that a man was created specifically to serve God in accordance with his command and through choice. God, therefore, in his outgoing mercy provides man with the necessary knowledge to realize just and fair ends. The choice of whether to use the knowledge and power for good or evil is, therefore, the crucial test for man. The Quran does not prove God but points to him from the existing universe. God is the only one who has created the laws by which nature works. The Quran invites man to make discoveries on the laws of nature and to use it for human good.

The Quran proposes that man is God’s creature just like any other created being. However, he is distinguished from the rest of natural creation in that after fashioning him, he breathed his own spirit into him. Man is given free choice in order to fulfill his

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