Need An Argumentative Essay On What S The Effect Of Illustration To Normal Peopl

Need an argumentative essay on What’s the effect of illustration to normal people(not an artist) in daily life. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Many people are fond of collecting illustrations for example famous paintings, stamps, comic books and photos of celebrities. Many others are in the process of learning using illustrations as the basic tool of learning. For example, all Montessori students are taught different words using flash cards. Visual aids are extremely important in corporations as well. An office without the pictures of its achievements, past endeavours and products related photos looks unimpressive. Compared to this, organizations which have more graphical representations look more professional and appealing. This paper discuses the history of illustrations, their impact of different sectors of society and their importance.

Art is the celebration of human individuality. It is a beautiful form of expression which begins with emotions and ends with visible attributes. It is a journey of how a person wants to communicate- be it a drawing, a painting, sketch or a complicated sculpture. illustrations have many forms and shapes. Art and illustrative objects have a long history. Illustrations have a long history which goes back about thirty-five hundred years (Carney & Levin, 5). These early illustrations included animal paintings, engravings and skilfully made drawings. These facts prove that art has been an integral part of daily routine since the inception of human life. In addition to this, illustrations help in the development of human brain and aided their learning process (Carney & Levin, 6).

Illustrations have not only been restricted to paper, they are also visible in the building around us. The art of Roman era some twelve hundred years ago set a new trend of aesthetically made architecture, enamelwork, mosaic, stained glass, and tapestry (Norris. et al, 11). Pyramids of Egypt, stone work in France and powerful structures of early churches of Europe all lay the foundation of art. The paintings of Picasso, the sculptures in Hindu temples

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