Need An Argumentative Essay On What White Publishers Wont Print Article Report N

Need an argumentative essay on What White Publishers Wont Print Article Report. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

White Publisher “What White Publishers Won’t Print” is an article that seeks to challenge the American publishers as its people’s representatives to consider publishing the truth about the non-Anglo-Saxon people. The article appreciates that the modern world of White people borrows from the days of slavery. Then, slaves were not considered to be any brilliant than their masters. Even with proof of their intellectual capability given the same opportunities as their masters, there was no washing away the general belief that the western culture was a reserve of the Whites no matter the effort to change the Negroes.

This belief has faded any interest from the public on the lives of the skilled Negroes causing publishers to give a blind eye to the achievements of Negroes. Whereas it could be easy to blame these publishers for failing to educate the public appropriately with regards to the lives of minorities, they defend themselves noting that they are in the business to make money and not educate. Thus, with the public being indifferent and skeptical towards the internal lives of the educated minorities, publishing contrary stories would not sell and the publishers would therefore not achieve their objective. For this reason, they choose to avoid such stories.

However, this article condemns this attitude from the people entrusted with public education. It argues contrary to public perception noting that these minorities think, and even think better, beyond racism. They are naturally human and internally endowed just like other humans. Without the appreciation of this reality, the undesired insurmountable difference would remain. Therefore, for the sake of national welfare, this article calls for urgent action by publishers to expose the truth to the public about the minorities.

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