Need An Argumentative Essay On What You Think Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No Plag

Need an argumentative essay on What you think. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Throughout the course, I found philosophy to be life changing and a valuable discipline with immense satisfaction. Philosophy helped broaden my world. It forced me to have a different analysis of the world. Prior to studying philosophy, the world appeared straightforward, bland, and dogmatism came cheaply. However, philosophy opened up the complexities of the world, providing new vistas. Philosophy has helped trained my mind through intellectual exercise. It has achieved this through stretching and pushing the mind to the limit by giving exercise that require an individual to have a deeper thinking and insight. Philosophy has provided grounds for continuously challenging me. It does this by its unrelenting quest for clarity. These challenges have helped me evaluate and synthesize my thoughts. I find these challenges invigorating and I expect them to last a lifetime. Philosophy has helped me understand the relative necessity of ideas. It has trained me to dig deeper into concepts, providing an option of whether to pursue the idea or not. It has provided enormous insights and idea to argue about, labor over and spend time (Pardi, 2011).

At the beginning, I thought of philosophy as an outdated and obscure discipline with little relevance to humanity. However, the few months I have spent studying philosophy, I have realized that philosophy covers a central part of humanity. All the thoughts that have led to the advancement of the world have a philosophical basis. In addition, a day cannot end without having to deal with a philosophical aspect. Philosophy has helped me broaden my world, and helps me put things into

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