Need An Argumentative Essay On Why Do Teens Use Self Injury As A Coping Mechanis

Need an argumentative essay on Why do teens use self-injury as a coping mechanism. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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It is a fact that as the materialism and modernism are increasing at a fast face all over the globe, the probability of self-injury is also mounting at an astounding pace in the teens. Myriad critical reasons form the bedrock of the self-abusing tendency in teens and a complex and intricate meshwork of crude realities needs to be scrutinized for identifying the major factors. These factors should explain the reason why more and more teenagers are readily seeking refuge in self-injury mechanism. People are oblivious to many distressing realities concerning this issue and this paper is basically an effort to highlight the relation between problems faced by teenagers and increased tendency of self-abusing. Facts and discussion presented in this paper are basically meant to illuminate the reality of the claim that “more and more teenagers are using self-injury as a coping mechanism because they are unable to relate their aggravated problems to their parents, peers, or teachers because of poor self-esteems, low morals, and continuous feelings of guilt and shame.”…

It is an unequivocal fact that depression is highly capable of paralyzing one’s thinking, self-assessing, and comprehending abilities. Therefore, one finds oneself eventually trapped in a tight spot where one can neither hear any voice from the outside world that is normal nor translate the inner rushed and psychic emotions that are abnormal into something that could be understood by the people surrounding that person. An increased number of teenagers are selecting self-harm as a way of emotional projection in the hope of coping with horribly bizarre feelings of numbness, shame, regret and for punishing themselves for certain past failures. 3. Inability of parents and teachers to help teenagers increases self-harm incidence: Self-harm is a horrendous and powerful reality that affects all teenagers irrespective of social, racial, ethnic, or economic differences. It is an issue of concern around the globe that what majorly makes most of the distressed and disappointed teenagers seek refuge in self-harm in spite of the presence of parents at homes and teachers at schools. Research suggests that teenagers engage in self-destructive behavior because they find it increasingly difficult to relate their gross problems with their parents as the depression intensifies. With ever-heightening materialistic approach, most of the parents are unable to share more time with their families due to which, teenagers find it impossible to verbally communicate the nature of their problems in the short time their parents spare them.

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