Need An Argumentative Essay On Women Gender Studies Needs To Be 5 Pages Please N

Need an argumentative essay on Women Gender studies. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

My breakfast is often characterized by bodybuilding foods that enable me retain a masculine and handsome stance. I leave my room to get breakfast, which entails coffee, a snack and a fruit such as an apple. However, in some cases I take breakfast in a bit of rush conscious of my departure time.

Being a bodybuilding boy arguably requires more time to get ready to leave than girls do. This can be attributed to the fact that my desire for a masculine heavily built body requires adequate time for eating and rigorous exercise every day. Whereas I spend significant amount of time shaping up to a heavily built muscular man, girls spend time applying makeup and dressing up to attain a feminine look. Girls’ activities can be directly linked to women in search of beauty. Adoption of such practices in search of beauty can be attributed to the community setting and expectations that have been passed on from generation to generation. Likewise, I find myself focusing more on how my body is built because the societal expectations of handsomeness is based on muscular looks.

However, there has been a trending shift with gender roles and expectations almost coming to a convergence. For example, every now and then we see some men visiting salons and using a wide variety of products whereas women are also spending more time jogging to keep strong and fit. In the past men, used only the basic products such as skin oil as opposed to this days where men plait their hair, use hair products among other cosmetics. I am not surprised that part of my shopping as a man involves manicure and pedicure products albeit sparingly.

Societal expectations for men to have well built bodies have arguably caused an equal amount of trouble. Purchase and use of steroids and other muscle enhancing drugs is on the rise. Likewise, slimming products and programs have taken toll on the modern woman in bid to stay within societal expectations. For example,

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