Need An Argumentative Essay On Wonderful Adventures Of Mrs Seacole In Many Lands

Need an argumentative essay on Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

as an adventuring business woman in London, Jamaica, New Granada, Haiti, and Cuba, and as a woman who, undisturbed by the horrors that were experienced at the battlefields she deployed herself to the Crimean war, her heroine was extraordinary by any standards. In addition to her bibliographical significance, her works are invaluable means of espying how the female subject fashioned her identity, from the socially, racially, and more so the economically disempowered position. The text describes how she exploited historical moments in order to realize and construct a new social identity.

The writer has used double coincidence so as to challenge contradictory and conflicting ideas in her identity. When the location shift from Jamaica to England. she finds this site less predictable, unlike the colonial one. She illuminates what she reveals as the psychological migration of colonialism and migration. In the wonderful adventures, the cultural hybridity of Seacole surrenders to the imperialism of Britain as a civilization strength. however, this surrender is not absolute. Seacole’s constant revolt against the marginalization that was imposed by gender and race qualifies her hold for the civil ideals. she even portrays herself as the champion of the English values (Seacole 45). She claims that the British Empire has become a sacred value in her life, and it does not matter whether it represents cultural and social legitimacy at home or abroad, or maybe the much desired protection from the Yankees of New Granada (Seacole 73).

The narrative celebrates her single status of being a Jamaican woman. At the age of forty-five, she chooses to defy the English –derived social conventions (Seacole 60). Instead, she decides to carve out of the new life for the sake of adventure, entrepreneur, and professional healing. While telling her story, we realize her attempt to explain the meaning of a true woman based on her individual accomplishments as a Jamaican woman, where color

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