Need An Argumentative Essay On Work Union By Dagoberto Gilb Needs To Be 4 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Work Union by Dagoberto Gilb. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Computer knowledge has become an important part of our lives in today’s world of advancement and technology. It is important for a person that he/ she should acquaint himself/herself with the latest computer skills to get a good job and to sustain a respectable status in the new society.

With the introduction of computer skills and knowledge, people have become least interested in doing conventional jobs. They seek new employment opportunities to earn a better lifestyle. For them, it becomes hard to engage themselves in any job as a plumber, electrician or an ironworker. Jobs have become a symbol of prestige rather as a mode to earn a respectable life and to fulfill the needs of families.

Hard work yields the fruit of success. Any job is a good job as long as you are working hard on it to provide a better lifestyle for your family. People should take pride in their work as long as they are fair with their own selves, families and with the society.

Work Union is an essay written by Dagoberto Gilb in 2008. In this essay, Gilb has focused on those people or labor who prefer jobs in construction or if they are engaged in any manual work. The basic theme of the essay revolves around the writer’s opinion he shares with the readers that a person should not be looked upon with shame and embarrassment regarding the kind of employment he is engaged in. In his essay, the writer has emphasized the benefits of hard work and how people can turn their hard efforts into gold is purely up to the choice of a person. He has compared and contrasted two groups. people who are associated with computer-related fields and people who are engaged in manual work. The author completely takes the side of the latter group and leaves up to the choice of a reader that which profession would a person like to choose?

Work Union is a simple essay written by an American author, Dagoberto Gilb in 2008.

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