Need An Argumentative Essay On World War 2 In Europe Needs To Be 3 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on World war 2 in Europe. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The countries that suffered during the First World War namely Austria and Germany wanted to level the scores with their arch rivals (Dowswell).

The reasons of world war two can be investigated in terms of the economic aspects, and the political aspects. The nations that were defeated in the First war of the Century were growing tired of the indemnities while others felt the jolts of Great depression that had originated from the United States. This resulted in sense of uneasiness and discomfort amongst the nations (Gordon).

The war was being fought amongst the Allies and Axis. The Axis constituted the Germany, Japan and Italy. These three forces were enjoying considerable strength and power and aimed at oppressing the others. While the Allies on other front had a larger bench than the Axis and the main players in the league included United Kingdom, The former Soviet Union ( modern day Russia), France and the United States who tried to keep itself neutral, though it was pushed into it due to the grave nature of the entire war(Dickson).

An important proceeding on this behalf was the internal build up of German nation in form of Adolf Hitler and his affiliated part Nazi that came into power in the third decade of 20th century (McDonough). Along with few other policies, the prime policy included revenge on behalf of the German nation that was brought upon them in the First World War. The war and ambitions were based more on unethical grounds and were strongly repugnant to the morality. His motto was the elimination of the Jews from the surface of Earth and considered the German nation to be superior to others. The handicapped and the Trans genders were direct victims of this mass concept of elimination (Aronson).

Italian head Mussolini joined hands with Hitler in bid to strengthen his nation and economy in form of invasion and unrest in other parts of the world. Though the war officially started with Invasion of Poland, yet certain small incidents and events

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