Need An Argumentative Essay On Write A Paper Of Approximately 1500 Words Examini

Need an argumentative essay on Write a paper of approximately 1500 words examining a topic of your choice. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, smoking is rapidly becoming unpopular in the society today. Sensitization campaigns have been lodged and bills pushed by legislators to bring to end the laws that legalize smoking, especially cigarette. Smoking in many regions can be associated with social classes and people smoke to feel a part of a given social class. Smoking brings a “feel good” sensation that is associated with less stress. This paper seeks to examine in details the social and health effects of smoking.

Smoking is dangerous to almost all body organs and puts a person at a greater health risks. Female smokers have reduced chances of conceiving compared to their non smoking counterparts. In the case of pregnant women, smoking affects the health of their babies, whether before or after birth. Such cases as early deliveries (premature birth), babies dying before they are born, babies weighing less at birth, sudden death syndrome in infants have been reported from smokers. In men, smoking reduces the sperm counts, which may lead to infertility, miscarriage or birth defect risks. Banning smoking can boost fertility and healthy children and parents free from smoke related complications (Anderson, 2004).

If the waxy substance forms inside the arteries that take blood to the limbs and organs, a condition known as Peripheral Arterial Disease will arise. This will affect the kidneys and the stomach. It is also a major cause of stroke (Anderson, 2004). There is a chance that many people suffering from pain and numbness in the legs and death of the tissues have Peripheral Heart Disease. If the kidney is affected its role of purifying the blood will not be done well and one can end up with impure blood. Severe kidney problems lead to kidney failure, which will lead to either kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Smoking has adverse consequences on immunity as well as inflammation. Women who have reached menopause but smoke are more likely to experience bone breakage due to their

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