Need An Argumentative Essay On Writer S Choice Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No Pla

Need an argumentative essay on Writer’s choice. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ons, she also advocates for teamwork that is the reason she makes sure that I go with her to the meeting and more so she acts to the interest of the company.

In our meeting, Curt becomes too rigid to listen to our suggestions, he only want us to consider his suggestions. Such rigidity makes the two come into a clear misunderstanding and makes them seem like they do not like each other. Therefore, the meeting later turns to be very competitive as Felicia also on the other side stops to listen to Curt and instead tries to have the last word on every topic. Such an incidence makes me worry losing the best and very important client of our company.

Therefore, I recommend that in the near future during such meetings with Midcontinent Midstream, the company should appoint another person to represent us in place of Felicia since she does not come to a common understanding with Curt. Curt also should be more considerate of

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