Need An Argumentative Essay On Writing An Analysis Of A Graphic Novel With Stron

Need an argumentative essay on Writing an analysis of a graphic novel with strong working class themes. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The effectiveness of the graphic novel is quite apparent, considering the reviews by reviewers such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Publishers Weekly, among other reviewers that rate the novel rather highly. Moreover, the novel is now available in different countries and has been translated into seven other languages. This paper analyzes the graphic novel ‘Stitches’ with a bias towards its working-class theme.

‘Stitches’ is a memoir in which the author uses illustrations to portray the self-awareness of a boy, who represents the physically and psychically voiceless in society. The story begins with a six-year old boy, proceeds to an adolescent and eventually into the character’s adulthood. However, the biggest section of the novel concentrates on the character’s adolescence. Small comes from a small, silent and unhappy family. The voiceless status of the character is first portrayed when doctors diagnose him as suffering from cancer. An operation is then conducted without him being made aware of his condition. He is made physically voiceless when the operation results in him losing his voice, further alienating him from the world and people around him. In the novel, the black and white colors of the drawings portray the dreams and imaginations, from which the novel is based, making the drawings rather perceptive. However, the layers of dreams and imaginations are reflected into the boy’s real-life experiences and challenges.

In the image below, David Small wakes from an operation that was supposed to be harmless and realizes that a vocal cord has been removed, his throat slight and stitched back, transforming him into a virtual mute. The worst part of the story is that the boy had not even been informed of his cancer condition. Through this episode, and others in the story, the reader is exposed to the drama of the family in which a

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