Need An Argumentative Essay On Written Assignments Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Written assignments. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

One of the major marketing concepts of a brand is communication. properly communicated brand enhances the establishment of brand’s position, shields the brand from competition, and promotes the brands market performance.

The brand has products that are driven from the consumer needs and are managed through the three basic stages including. introduction, elaboration and fortification. As such through this approach, it has been possible for the management to obtain a means of product-market introduction, elaboration and fortification. This has been done over a long period of time hence enabling the brand to be leading provider of soft drinks worldwide.

The brand has employed the concept of functional needs thereby enabling it to solve consumer problems. This concept enables the brand to solve the consumers’ externally generated problems such as thirst. It also employs the symbolic concept that enables one to feel associated to a certain class or group of people. To some extent the brand also employs a mixture of symbolic, functional, and experimental concepts hence it brings a universal benefit to the consumers.

Despite of its multiple concepts, it has been able to put forth a strong image and a strong brand management mechanism that has enabled it to stay ahead of all of its competitors. The concepts selected for this brand has made it possible for it guide its market positioning decisions. The concepts employed have provided a basis for the determination of its market boundaries and expansions (Peter 9).

The way in which the brand concept and its image is being managed over a long period of the life of the brand has created trust on the brand among the consumers. Throughout the three management strategies which include. introduction, elaboration, and fortification, ‘positioning strategy as a marketing concept has enabled consumers to understand

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