Need An Argumentative Essay On You Choose It Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No Plagi

Need an argumentative essay on You choose it. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Also, considering the intensity of the issue, it is also important to take a look at the perspective of drug traders. Drug trade is often connected with poor economic conditions, drug-related violence, and other crimes. The government has generally taken an anti-drugs stance enforcing prohibitive laws that aim to reduce drug trade. Over the years, many advocates of illicit drugs such as marijuana legalization pressure groups have sprung up. Hence, the issue is of legislative importance too which sparks the revision of what constitutes as an illicit drug, the recreational and medical uses of such drugs and what is drug abuse.

To start, underground drug trade is illegal and most of this trade occurs as illicit drugs are smuggled across borders. Being illegal, drug trade generates huge amounts of black money which is kept undocumented. As a result, no tax payment occurs as the undocumented money crosses borders (Duyne and Levi, 2005). This ultimately means that less tax revenue is generated by the government leading to lesser budget allocation for developmental expenditure in turn affecting the financing of mega civil projects that come under the domain of civil engineers. Less infrastructural activities are conducted by the government causing fewer job opportunities to be created. However, this is one aspect which economically concerns the domain of civil engineering.

In recent years, drug mafias have become highly organized in their operations adopting sophisticated channels to transport the illicit drugs. As such, the drug trade, flourishing throughout the world, has created various issues involving law enforcement authorities as well as civil engineers. Gatti (2014) notes the role of civil engineers in providing the technical and operational expertise in helping the authorities to counter drug trade. In the specific article, civil engineers are involved in an organized effort to demolish drug trade-related

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