Need An Argumentative Essay On You Decide Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No Plagiari

Need an argumentative essay on You Decide. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

On the other hand, the circuit that Teddy appealed to overturned the ruling with claims that Pollard had failed to report the case earlier and that the discipline given to Pollard was deserved. The circuit court offered that Teddy reinstates Pollard in which Pollard appealed and refused the offer.

The company under the Civil Rights Act is liable to protect its employees from sexual harassment. The organization is liable to ensure that all employees obtain the necessary education on these acts and have an environment that favors their ability to report such cases in a manner that may not jeopardize their life in the organization. The company is liable for the actions of their employees if they fail to take actions on them these include the actions of the supervisors in perpetrating or condoning the act.

The worst-case damages to Pollard that could be imposed on the organization would include the back payments that the employee requires plus the inclusion of jail term to the employees involved. One of the most prominent rewards in sexual harassment included the case against President Bill Clinton and Paula Jones. In this case, Paula Jones was rewarded damages of $850000 short of an apology as prescribed by law (Fablo). These indicate how heavy the damages may prove in sexual harassment cases.

Title VII, as applied in the Civil Rights Act, adopted in 1964 aims at protecting employees against any form of discrimination at the workplace. The Act covers sexual discrimination, discrimination on a racial basis, religion origin, or color. In the case scenario presented, Title VII would apply in consideration of the facts including the sexual harassment that Pollard suffered at work. According to the Act, the discrimination in relation to sex or gender of an employee is well described with various cases having set precedence in the field (Twomey, p.431).

A number of cases have set precedence for

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