Need An Research Paper On A Model For Diagnosing Organizational Behavior Needs T

Need an research paper on a model for diagnosing organizational behavior. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Upon reading “A Model for Diagnosing Organizational Behavior” (Nadler and Tushman), the most critical input of UPS under each category known as: (1) environment. (2) resources. (3) organizational history. and (4) strategy will be provided followed by discussing the reasons why these inputs are considered the most critical. Eventually, the impact of the identified inputs towards the organization including any forms of potential problems that are significantly associated with insuring the availability of the identified inputs will be tackled. Prior to the conclusion, several ways in which the identified inputs interact with each other will be explained in detail.

Given that UPS serves the world market, the most critical environmental input is the customers. Given that UPS offers its services around the world, the company needs to have a large-based of regular customers to enable the company to compensate with its daily operational expenses associated with the need to establish several offices around the world, investments on its official website and other mode of global communication including the employment of approximately 240,000 full- and part-time employees around the world (UPS b) among others. Back in the 1990s, UPS was able to gather as much as 1 million regular customers (UPS c).

Under the category of resources, the most critical input in the case of UPS is the investment in information and communication technology (ICT). With the use of ICT which includes UPS official website and the use of handheld Delivery Information Acquisition Devices (DIAD) (UPS c), it is easier to manage, operate, and keep track of its daily business transactions such as the shipment and delivery schedules around the world on a real-time basis. The company will also have a way to maintain the company’s relationship with its existing customers. Basically, the use of efficient ICT enables the company to deliver competitive services to each of its customers.

In the absence of having reliable ICT, UPS will have trouble managing and keeping track of all business transactions. The company may also end up needing a larger number of employees to do the paper works associated with not having a stable and well-functioning ICT.

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