Need An Research Paper On Activity Evaluation Needs To Be 5 Pages Please No Plag

Need an research paper on activity evaluation. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. mining whether the available resources in a program have been efficiently utilized towards the end of meeting the set goals/ objectives while also importantly helping the one undertaking the evaluation to enhance the program especially by learning from the successes and correcting any mistakes that may have occurred during the implementation process (one gets to understand what is working and what aspects need reconsidering). Evaluation, just like the planning of health education is a continuous process and not a one-off affair that warrants continued revisions and updates.

My activity evaluation of the project embraced more of a multi-pronged approach where several various methods were utilized to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented regime. In my endeavors, I employed various evaluation instruments such as interviews, questionnaires and data comparisons pre-and-post-implementation, all in attempts of conducting thorough process evaluation, impact evaluation and outcome evaluation.

I collected feedback from the community regarding the health education program that had been implemented and the financial aid measures enforced therewith. I used a prepared check-list to determine whether the activities were being conducted as planned for process evaluation. For impact evaluation, I researched on behavior variations that are taking place as a consequence of the implemented activities, and also sought to know whether level of knowledge regarding Alzheimer’s had improved over time. In this very vein also, I desired to know whether a favorable attitude had been developed from our implementation, if a required skill had been instilled and if a harmful belief had been vanquished. I encountered a few challenges regarding outcome evaluation as I felt it required a bit more time to fully assess and stake claim on long-term changes as a doing of the program implementation.

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